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The Bobcat Athletic Program at CCCS continues to grow in several areas. The reason for the consistent growth is based on our three cornerstone values that make up the Bobcat Spirit. These values are Character, Integrity, and Sportsmanship. When these three elements are the foundation of your program, student-athletes grow in all areas of their lives and the wins take care of themselves. The Bobcat Spirit has allowed the Bobcat Athletic Program to grow to fit our students’ needs and attract young student-athletes from all over the region.

The Bobcat Athletic Program is compiled of a variety of opportunities for every student-athlete of all levels. Fall sports include flag football, volleyball, cross country, and Cheer Squad. Winter sports include girls’ basketball, J.V. boys’ basketball (4th & 5th grade), varsity boys’ basketball (6th – 8th grade), and Cheer Squad. Spring sports include J.V. soccer (4th & 5th grade), varsity soccer (6th – 8th), track & field, and Cheer Squad. We have plenty of activities to keep everyone busy and excited about the Bobcat Spirit!

For the students that may not be ready for the competitive teams, we have our co-ed Sports Club which focuses on basketball and soccer skill development for 3rd through 5th grade students. In Sports Club, student-athletes have the opportunity to learn the games and have fun in the process. Our cheer club is always a big hit for the students that want to learn the basic cheer movements, while developing an understanding of team building and safety factors for cheerleading.

Come visit CCCS and watch your child develop in ways you have never imagined. Catch the Bobcat Spirit as it continues to grow and you will never settle for average in anything. GO BOBCATS!


After School Clubs may include Karate, Chess, Drama, Video Games, Arts & Crafts, Photography, and others. Clubs run for 6-10 week sessions for a fee. They are open to students in various grade levels from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Registration information is sent home with students in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.